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Hetalia x Reader: Oops!


No, this isn't angst. And no, this isn't 'Eventually, you will say oops.' It's 'Oops' by Super Junior (obviously) featuring f(x). It's a cute song, for me at least. Kekeke, I read the meaning and wow, I just laughed. But hey, I thought that it would do great for a fanfic.

Reader - f(x)
Prussia / Gilbert - Eunhyuk
Denmark / Mathias - Donghae
England / Arthur  - Shindong
America / Alfred  - Leeteuk
France / Francis  - Heechul

Sorry for any OOC, errors or typos that you find. And I will change the english translations a little bit so that it will fit the fanfic. Thanks and have a nice day- Oh, and Happy New Year!

Note: AU, they are not countries but instead they are rich (*cough*andhot*cough*) bastards. And sorry for not updating any fanfic. You know, I write other fanfics as well. This is like... Uhm, a teaser? Maybe...

This isn't beta-read too. I'll just check if I see some things.


So Ladies, I know y'all feel me.
Them boys are always be bluffin'
Tryin' to feel like they're the man
Trying to be in control
Thinkin' they're always right
But they just don't get it

Look at this kid, this kid is bluffing so hard
Can someone please stop them from bluffing
Started again, they are being stubborn
Stop it Oops Oops
They're sayin' Oops Oops

You scoffed as you walked to get food from the canteen, avoiding 'that' table in the process. That table consisted of an albino German, a loud Danish, an even louder and obnoxious American, a British man that seemed to be fighting a flirty French. You snarled when you heard the German stand up and cut in line.

"Uhm, excuse me... The start of the line is actually-"

"Come on frau, I'm Gilbert. You wouldn't make the awesome man wait, right?" He grinned as he ran to the front, making you scoff but it had a different effect on the other girls. They were swooning over the man.

"Hey, how 'bout I treat all of the people here some lunch?" He shouted and the students cheered, girls squealing and men cheering. He then smirked but he noticed one person who wasn't affected. You walked away from the line and made your exit, taking note that tomorrow you would bring your own lunch.


"Man, that girl's hot." The French one, also known as Francis remarked when you walked out. "Hey, she wasn't impressed." Gilbert pouted as he sat down and started on eating the wurst that their first-class chef cooked up for him. "But I thought that-"

"That was for showing off Alfred." Gilbert smirked as he observed the whole room filled with happy students, eating free food. "Hmph, you show-off." Mathias laughed.

"Like you're the one to talk Mathias." Francis smiled.

"Hey, about that girl-" Arthur struggled to say because of a certain American nagging him about his piercings. "she dwidnt shim 'pected. (she didn't seem affected)" ALfred said as he ate his 3rd hamburger.

"Sooner or later, she will be." Gilbert smirked.


All of the students sat down as they were all called for the general assembly. But before the reminders were given, somebody stood up and ran to the stage, grabbing the mike in the process. "Hey ladies and gentlemen! It is I, the-"

"dumb ass" You muttered.

"AWESOME ONE!!!" The ladies cheered. The principal just smiled a little bit and returned to his seat, knowing very well that he really couldn't do much because after all, Gilbert is from Germany and his father is a powerful man. He snapped and the lights turned off, then a spot light pointed towards him and the music started.

"Here we go, Please give us a round of applause
I don't care what you say, But we are very handsome
it's within 1% and No.1
Everyone says that we are handsome singers
Whenever we are on TV, Girl fans are watching TV on time.
Are you there Antonio?
Just for one day, one day, I want people to stop saying that I'm good-looking
Cause we hear it everyday (and we are tired of it).
Don't say that our singing ability is under average
It's because we are too handsome that you can't listen to our voices
You will kneel down after seeing our faces

He hoarsely sang, using his rough voice. But still, the girls screamed and some even fainted. But before you could even hear the  end of the rap, you walked out, complaining about how loud he is.

He looked for you, expecting you to be crying for his babies but no, he just saw your retreating back.

Look at this kid, this kid is bluffing so hard
Can someone please stop them from bluffing
Started again, they are being stubborn
Stop it Oops Oops
They're sayin' Oops Oops

Stop it Oops Oops
They're sayin' Oops Oops
Stop it Oops Oops
They're sayin' Oops Oops

Stop saying nonsense, now here are my keys
Get the car out, the one I ride
It's a super-car that you guys envy
My house is in Las Vegas L.A, Hollywood
Hawaii, Maldive and even Dubai
I travel without taking airplane
How can this be possible?
Because my car fly - Fly to the Sky
My car wash is taking too long so I buy another car
I buy car because I can't charge my card
I just buy it buy it
My car just growls and growls,
Yo Valet parking I'm asking you
Hey~! Mr. Simple

"So you failed?" Mathias laughed at the angry German.

"Shut the fuck up bitch." He growled and Mathias just laughed even more, he knew that all of them had equal power. "Here, let me try."

You walked to the gate and just stood there when you heard squeals of excitement. You sighed, "It's them again..." You pouted as you tried to make yourself invisible, unfortunately, you were asking for the impossible.


You looked back to see that man, Mathias, grinning. "Hey, need a ride?" He asked. You pointed to yourself, disbelief clear in your expression. "Me?" You laughed. "Yeah, you." He answered back. You shook your head immediately, feeling the angry glares of the fans.

You tried to walk away but his car was following you. "Come on, I'll take you home." He smiled and before you could answer, he already grabbed your bag and threw it inside. "If you want your bag back, you should come with me."

"You kidnapper." He just laughed it off and escorted you inside. Yes, the car is cool, but the driver isn't. Before you could go home, he brought his car to an automatic car wash. The both of you were standing outside for 10 minutes, and the only thing that he said definitely made you mad.

"This is taking long, I should buy another car." He smirked as he grabbed his phone and typed away. You grabbed his phone and cancelled the text and gave it back to him. You asked the cleaner for your bag and he gave it.

You stomped off and he shouted, "Uh, next time?"

"There will never be a next time, rich idiot."


Oops boy, I'm just scoffing at you
Oops boy Here comes Mr.Pinocchio
Oops boys These boys are bluffing so hard
Oh yeah

Bring a navigation
You will need it because you get lost in my house
Its so big we even have a missing person poster
Jisung Park's here I get soccer lesson from him
This is a jacket made out of awesome leather, It's hard to get
One that passed by now is my pet Cheetah
This one is Alfie, My mom's chimpanzee

Do you like coffee? Come here I'll show you
Take a sample from my Americano field if you're thirsty
Oops Oops Oops

"Since that the four of you are not mature enough to know what a girl really wants, I'll take her on." Arthur suggested and after a few minutes of nagging, the others finally agreed.

"The partners will be... Arthur Kirkland and (Name)." The teacher smiled. Great, he gave the class a partner project. Something about plants. And it just so happens that you were paired up with one of Gilbert's friends, Arthur.

"How about we do it in my house?" He asked as he checked out his jacket, made out of fine leather. Very fine leather. You just rolled your eyes but nodded anyway, this guy didn't seem that bad.

You changed your mind when you saw his... uhm... 'house'. He must be the biggest idiot in their group. A freaking house?! Looks like a castle to you. "So yeah..." You just muttered as you observed every thing that you could lay your eyes on. (A/N: LAY!!! EXO <3)


"So, you want some coffee?" And before you could answer, he was already dragging you to the kitchen. The both of you then passed by a soccer field. A soccer field, in a mansion? Really now... "What's that for?"

"Oh, for athletic purposes." He winked.

"What coffee do you want?"

"Actually, none... Look, I'll go home now. We finished the project anyway." You tried to smile and then walked away, ignoring the protests of the man.

After 30 minutes of twist and turns, you finally decided to quit. "I'm lost." You mumbled as you looked at the painting that you passed by the 4th time already. Suddenly, the painting disappeared and Arthur's face appeared.

"(Name)?" His voice echoed across the hallway, and you saw another TV located at the somehow 'end'. "Here's the map to get outside." a slit formed on the wall and a piece of paper came out.

You grabbed it and then walked to the directions.

"It's good to see you safe-"

"Thanks" You shoved the map into his hands, "And a blessed weekend for you." You said as you opened the grand door and walked away.

Hey little fishes over there, want to listen to my story?
Whole world will change to what I say
I make new rule 1+1 = 3, 1-1 = 100
All blacks turn into whites, all whites turn yellow
I hate racism, I don't like it
I don't like the law of gravity and the continental drift theory
I want the universe become one continent
What I say is a law and the truth
I'm the president of ladies Alfred!

"The hero will do it!" Alfred shouted, stopping the four from fighting. "it's time to show you guys what I can do."

"Alfred Jones? Alfred Jones!" The teacher called and Alfred stood up, flashing his pearly white teeth making all the girls swoon over the handsome man. You however, rolled your eyes. You always tend to do that when it comes to Gilbert's group.

"Yes ma'am?" He asked.

"Can you solve this equation?"

"Uhm... Can someone-" Lots of hands were raised. "(Name)? Please?" He used his puppy dog eyes and you couldn't help but volunteer to do it, seeing that lots of girls looked like they would kill you if you refused.

So you stood up, and answered the equation in a matter of minutes. "Excellent work (Name)." The teacher smiled and you moved back to your seat.


"Listen here, I want all the lunch meals to be hamburger okay?" Alfred ordered to the chef who fearfully nodded his head, and went back to work. 'Everyone seems to be following his orders...' You thought as you went to the table located at the corner and ate your lunch.

"So, what's happening?" Your friend, Sakura asked as she placed her food on the table and ate with you. With MeiMei and Eunsoo, the 4 of you started complaining about how idiotic those rich men are.

"You!" The 4 of you flinched as you all looked at the direction where the shout came from, Alfred's table. "M-me?" You asked.

"Yeah. Come here." Alfred ordered.

"O-okay..."You shyly stuttered and went over to their table. "Yes?"

"Get me hamburgers." Alfred gave you a hundred dollars and made you go out to buy. But before that, he gave you his phone number first and winked. You snarled at him, and knowing that you hated them all. The five of them, Sakura stood up and walked towards you.

"I'll do it." She said before getting the money and walking away. You were shocked but knew the reason on why she did that. So you just decided to cut the chase. You ripped the paper and spat, "You imbeciles."


Look at this kid, this kid is bluffing so hard
Can someone please stop them from bluffing
Started again, they are being stubborn
Stop it Oops Oops
They're sayin' Oops Oops

Stop it Oops Oops
They're sayin' Oops Oops

Oops Oops (2 years)
Oops Oops (I'll be back)

The big star of bluffing's showing off starts
I'm the the greatest Pinocchio
I'm shiny, I'm a flower and I'm attractive, I don't look at ladies because I look better
The phone rings all the time
You're my girl on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
She's my lady on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays
"Oppa please let me be yours" on Sunday, O.K?
O.K sure you are my type of girl, Glamorous
Ladies who clings alot aren't fun
I always pack my lunch when I go on a field trip

(Hyung, you're not really joking)

"I'll try it." Francis finally spoke up.

"Francis? Can we.... Go on a date?" This blonde girl asked as she waited for Francis to finish his call. "Ah, wait a sec" He mumbled to the girl before returning to his phone. "You... You're on Monday." He said before hanging up.

"And you..." He started as he eyed the girl from head-to-toe. "Sure, Sunday." He winked and left. But before he could even take five steps, a girl with thick-rimmed glasses and tightly braided hair shyly confessed. "I- I like you, F-Francis!" Her words quite unclear because of her braces.

"Oh..." He scratched the back of his head and then shrugged, "Sorry." He mumbled and patted her shoulder before he left. The girl was left crying, and you were there to aid her.

"You'll find a better man. I'm telling you, he's not worth it." You hugged the girl and then finally, turned to run to Francis.

"Oh, hey there (Name)!" He smiled a sincere one but still, you returned his gaze with a glare.

"So... Thursday?" He asked and finally, you slapped him. Twice. "No, jerk. You and your friends should stop being such cocks." You spat and then walked away.

"But babe-"

"Don't call me that."

Look at this kid, this kid is bluffing so hard
Can someone please stop them from bluffing
Started again, they are being stubborn
Stop it Oops Oops
They're sayin' Oops Oops

Stop it Oops Oops
They're sayin' Oops Oops
Stop it Oops Oops Oops

"Man, we just can't win her over." Francis admitted as the five of them continued to watch you eating with your friends.

"It was kinda fun." Alfred smiled.

"Yeah, it's not that easy to find such a girl." Arthur said.

"Ready for round two?" Gilbert asked.

"Hell yeah." Mathias started to crack his knuckles and once again, the wild goose chase starts.

Oops (Super Junior featuring f(x)): [link]

English translation: [link]

The song is like the boys showing off, but then the girls aren't really going to fall for anything.

Sorry for anything. And yeah, bad words. =p And sorry for OOC-ness, I just thought that the song would fir the four of them, (not including England) but I needed another dude. So I chose England because hey, he has great pride.

I kinda had fun writing this, so I hope that you enjoy reading it. Thanks again.

Anything is not mine. Except for the fanfic.

Want more fanfics? Here: [link]

KPop fanficstions? Here: [link]
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